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Rotorua Airport Still Has a Chance to Fly High

Although mistakes have been made regarding the Rototura Airport, there are still chances for it to fly high like it did in it’s glory days of the early 2000’s. Rotorua Airport Chief Executive Alastair Rhodes believes that while the airport has faced challenges, it still has ample opportunities.

Rhodes told NZ Herald, “It was all very well to get consultants in. However, unless they were actively involved in Tasman aviation, it would have been difficult to provide the council with the right information to make the right decisions, especially when externally it looked like Hamilton and even Palmerston North had sustainable and growing Tasman services.

“I know those lessons have been learned and the current council has made the very difficult decision after spending more than $9 million to keep it here.

“Stopping funding these flights was a sound commercial decision. Whereas continuing to fund them would have been political, not commercial.”

Even though Rotorua Airport has lost it’s opportunities to fly to Sydney, there are still opportunities for commercial development in and around the airport. The land around the airport has state highway access.

Rhodes is focusing on three ideas for the future – discussions with larger airports and their links to Rotorua, commercial development and attracting back general aviation activities.

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