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Cosgrave Brings Home Success from Harcourts International Awards

Bringing home yet another victory for New Zealand, Shaun Cosgrave has been placed as the eighth top sales consultant in the world in the 2016 Harcourts International Conference.

This position not only places Shaun as the top sales consultant in Harcourts in the Waikato, but it also places him as the top salesperson in New Zealand outside of Auckland and Christchurch.

This award is a nod to all the hard work he has put in over the last twenty years. In this time, he has won multiple national and international awards, including achieving the highest number of sales internationally in the company’s history. To date his career sales are over $700 million.

Shaun says there is one main thing driving his international success: listening to people.

“I think success in this business is really all about listening to people, and if you say you’re going to do something do it,” Shaun says. “There are a lot of voices out there – be one people can rely on.”

Shaun’s dedication to listening to people and helping them reach their goals is a great example of why Harcourts is such a well respectable company.

“Harcourts is a very highly-regarded and trusted company in New Zealand, and known for its commitment to a high level of customer service. That commitment results in very happy customers throughout the country who are then only too happy to recommend us to their family and friends,” says Harcourts International Managing Director Mike Green.

“That’s how our New Zealand offices generate excellent levels of repeat business and satisfied customers.”

Curated from Shaun Cosgrave

Heat Pump Specialist Pumping Out Awards

A local heat pump specialist has pumped out another big award. Goldstar heat pumps, installers of heat pumps in Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga was previously named Waikato’s number one Fujitsu dealer. And now they’ve accepted an even bigger title: number one Fujitsu dealer in New Zealand.

This is no small feat for the expanding company. Fujitsu is New Zealand’s favourite air afterall. So this means Goldstar Heat Pumps is the biggest dealer of New Zealand’s favourite air – not a small feat.

What’s next for Goldstar you may be wondering? If they follow this trend then probably world domination.

Kiwis Not In An Outdoorsy Mood

It seems us Kiwi’s aren’t quite the outdoorsy kind we used to be. Outdoor products company Fishing Camping Outdoors, or FCO, is closing it’s doors for good. It’s the second outdoor products firm to leave our land in recent times, after Mountain Designs shut its New Zealand business in August.

By June, every FCO will have closed shop. All thirteen FCO stores were based in the North Island. Group managing director Peter Birtle believes Australia stands a better chance at sustaining the chain. He told,

“Our initial approach of developing a business specifically for the New Zealand market has proven to be flawed and FCO has always battled to get the attention it required while we have been addressing challenges in our BCF (boating, camping, fishing) and Ray’s Outdoors businesses [in Australia].”

In total the chain is accepting it’s loss of $19.8 million.

Shaun Cosgrave’s ToView Team Take Out Region’s Top Awards

It was victory all round for Shaun Cosgrave’s ToView team at the Harcourts Central Region awards in Tauranga last week, for the October – December quarter.

ToView team member and rural sales specialist, Aaron Davey, won the Top Sales Consultant award, across all real estate sectors. Shaun took out second place, making him the top sales consultant for residential sales. Shaun was also named the Top Exclusive Lister for the quarter.

“Having our team as number one in rural sales and residential sales is very pleasing,” said Shaun. “We always strive to achieve the best results for our clients, so we really appreciate their support”.

Shaun has been working in the Hamilton area for over 20 years and was the first Harcourts sales person to achieve property sales of over $500m.

Campbell Scott, manager of Harcourts Central Hamilton office, said that Shaun’s achievement of being the top residential sales consultant for the region was exceptional.

“To be able to get that to level after taking a six month sabbatical is a great effort.

“Harcourts has about 330 sales people across the region, and it was one of the most buoyant quarters of the last couple of years, so the ToView team have done exceptionally well”, Campbell said.

“In fact our whole Harcourts Hamilton central office did exceptionally well, picking up five of the six awards in our category”.

Harcourts Hamilton saw a dramatic rise in monthly sales in the second half of 2014. There were 196 sales in August, rising to 305 for December, equating to a 55% increase over that time.


NZ’s Only Tea Plantation Brews Excellent Business

A plantation far away from the hustle and bustle of Hamilton and the cow-filled paddocks is a tea plantation. The Zealong Tea Estate is New Zealand’s only tea plantation. There is also a restaurant on site offering tea-infused savories and delicious delicacies.

The tea estate is quite out of the way but it is well worth it. Even Aucklander’s drive 90 minutes just to have the Zealong experience. An experience which can be likened to a storybook coming alive.

All tea offered by Zealong is freshly brewed and organic. It is also certified to produce tea to food safety standards.

Taiwanese-born Vincent Chen founded Zealong Tea Estate with a dream to offer a cultural taste experience. Mr Chen told NZHerald, “My aim is that people who come here can experience the true traditional Chinese and Taiwanese tea culture.”

This is a dream he was willing to pursue at any cost. His family invested $10 million into the venture. A venture well worth the cost.

Urban Homes Win National Home of the Year

Urban Homes have proved they don’t just succeed in building urban homes by winning yet another title. The Hamilton master builders have won the Registered Master Builder 2014 House of the Year award which is no small feat! Here is a photo of the award:

National Home of Year

Urban Homes have been incredibly successful this year. Here is a coalition of other impressive awards they have won this year.


Local Heat Pump Specialist Claims Big Title

A local heat pump installer has won an impressive title; distributors of New Zealand’s favourite air! Goldstar Heat Pumps have been deemed the #1 Fujitsu Heat Pump Dealer in Hamilton!

But Goldstar Heat pumps don’t only deliver to Hamilton. They also install heat pumps in Auckland and Tauranga.


Goldstar Heat Pumps also offer Mitsubishi heat pumps. When small and medium sized businesses offer products from recognised brands, it improves their own brand’s standing.

Urban Homes Sweep Up Awards

Hamilton based Urban Homes has stolen the show by winning seven awards at the annual Gala awards evening. Urban Homes team of Hamilton master builders offer a range of services including new homes, residential investment properties, renovations and more.

Urban Homes entered properties in the categories new homes $600,000 – $1 million, Gib show home and builders own home. They received a gold award for all three homes, won the categories for Gib Show home and Builders own home and won two lifestyle awards – Bathroom excellence and the Interior Style and Finish award.


The award winning show home in Hamilton is open for the public. To see what the fuss is about, visit 2 Fusion Lane, Tamahere weekdays from 8am-5pm.

What’s next for this multi award winning business? More stellar buildings and renovations most likely!

Innovation for dairy farms

With New Zealand recieving so much of our annual earnings from farming, it is no wonder that kiwi’s are constantly innovating and improving farming systems! It’s even less of a surprise when new innovations com from the Waikato, hub of many dairy farms and Gallagher.

PETA Enterprises is a great example of this. Based in the Waikato, they manufacture agricultural dispensers. But these dispensers aren’t any boring old invention. They control animal’s metabolic diseases by administering prophylatic materials. This is incredibly difficult considering too much or too little could be catastrophic. And with changes in temperature, water consumption and animal size this complicates the process even further.

Dispensers offered by PETA include bloat dispensers, multi-purpose solid dispensers and zinc dispensers. Clever local and international merchants have picked up on the value provided by PETA’s dispensers. They are sold by local farming merchants, dairy cattle and large animal vets, by RD1 and through the Australian agent Shoof Agstar.

PressureBall’s Inflated Sales

In September 2014 PressureBall achieved their biggest month of sales ever. And these sales weren’t just above their previous month – they were almost double.

A wide international market has picked up on PressureBall’s potential. Sales were around the world to countries including USA, England, Ireland, Sweden and Japan. This is just another example of a New Zealand business scoring big in the international market.

PressureBall is an alternative to pressureless tennis balls. It’s an innovation that makes sure new tennis balls never lose their bounce. It is also used to restore old tennis balls pressure.

It’s encouraging to see local businesses expand their markets. Even better to see a lot of overseas interest! Local businesses should be encouraged and see that living in somewhere geographically isolated is not such a disadvantage anymore. Thanks to the Internet.