NZ Business Scores Big in International Market

Moving operations from geographically distant New Zealand overseas can be tricky business. But a New Zealand manufacturer has proved with the motivation it is easy to excel. Even so, one has to ask whether it is for everyone.

Mid to high-end shoe manufacturer Minx Shoes successfully moved offshores to Canada. The manufacturer had humble beginnings in a shoe factory in Waikanae. Now they are flourishing in Canada with an expected 400 outlets. Minx has further plans of globalisation through expanding into the UK.

However Dan Khan from Unlimited digital business magazine warns that moving off shores is not for everyone. He points out that competition for engineers is fierce and so it you are a tech company it may just be better to find talent at home. He also warns that the competitive landscape in the US is intense.


Goldstar Specials for Home Shows

Coming soon to Hamilton is the Home and Garden Show, an event which showcases the latest products and trends for home owners. This event is no small feat to Hamilton as it attracts over 30,000 visitors annually!

However to most people, the sound of 30,000 visitors sectioned out over four days is a little daunting – with all the queues, noise and crowds. Many people who already keep their finger on the pulse of renovation trends may only want to go to the shows for the incredible deals offered.

Goldstar Heat Pumps have launched new specials on heat pumps linked in with the Home Shows in Auckland and Hamilton. These specials are still available online so if you only want to attend the Home shows for the deals, you cane save time and order online. Some prices have been cut by $950. All prcies include both GST and installation. However these specials are only available while stocks last so it’s recommended you don’t wait too long!

These specials are available for those looking for heat pumps in Hamilton, Auckland, Tauranga and the Waikato.