NZ Dollar Not Quite As Strong As Black Caps

While the New Zealand Black Caps are on par with the Australian Cricket team, the New Zealand dollar isn’t quite as strong . While the NZD seems to be reaching parity with the AUD, Finance Minister Bill English says there is no reason for it to pass the “psychological level”.

Since around 4am on the 19th of February, the New Zealand dollar has been consistently trading above A96.5c, just below the A96.78c level set on Monday, the highest since the currency was freely floated.

Chief Economists and experts are positive about the New Zealand dollars potential to reach parity. ANZ’s New Zealand chief economist Cameron Bagrie has predicted that at some point in 2015, New Zealand will reach currency parity with Australia. The Royal Bank of Scotland’s Asia Pacific team says its possible that parity could be surpassed.  The Australian dollar could eventually buy as little as NZ95c.

Today English said he had seen the prospect of parity with Australia raised before, and while it has come to nothing so far, the prospect was looming.

“It’s been close [to parity] before and it dropped back. It’s quite a big psychological level for the market to get over so we’ll just wait and see. I’ll believe it when I see it.” He told reporters in Parliament.

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Air NZ Propels Dreamliner Services Further

Air New Zealand advanced it’s Dreamliner services to China and the United States. This is in the form of daily Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner operations to China and introducing North American routes.

The 787-9 has propelled further by operating on the Auckland-Shanghai Pu Dong route from August 24 instead of from October 25. The airline currently operates Boeing 777-200ER and 787-9 aircraft on this route.

According to the National Business Review, “Air New Zealand will also operate Boeing 787-9 aircraft once a week on Sundays to the Auckland-Los Angeles route from September 27 to October 18 only. The airline has also expanded its codeshare partnership with Air Canada to destinations within the Province of British Columbia, as well as to the Province of Alberta.”

Air New Zealand isn’t just expanding it’s global flights! Today they have also delivered on their promise to offer a $29 Night Rider service to Palmerston North.

Shaun Cosgrave’s ToView Team Take Out Region’s Top Awards

It was victory all round for Shaun Cosgrave’s ToView team at the Harcourts Central Region awards in Tauranga last week, for the October – December quarter.

ToView team member and rural sales specialist, Aaron Davey, won the Top Sales Consultant award, across all real estate sectors. Shaun took out second place, making him the top sales consultant for residential sales. Shaun was also named the Top Exclusive Lister for the quarter.

“Having our team as number one in rural sales and residential sales is very pleasing,” said Shaun. “We always strive to achieve the best results for our clients, so we really appreciate their support”.

Shaun has been working in the Hamilton area for over 20 years and was the first Harcourts sales person to achieve property sales of over $500m.

Campbell Scott, manager of Harcourts Central Hamilton office, said that Shaun’s achievement of being the top residential sales consultant for the region was exceptional.

“To be able to get that to level after taking a six month sabbatical is a great effort.

“Harcourts has about 330 sales people across the region, and it was one of the most buoyant quarters of the last couple of years, so the ToView team have done exceptionally well”, Campbell said.

“In fact our whole Harcourts Hamilton central office did exceptionally well, picking up five of the six awards in our category”.

Harcourts Hamilton saw a dramatic rise in monthly sales in the second half of 2014. There were 196 sales in August, rising to 305 for December, equating to a 55% increase over that time.


Golden Apple Possibly No Longer Ripe

The new Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have been a global sales phenomenon. In fact, earlier in February they became the most profitable country in history. Numbers showed that the Silicon Valley firm made $18 million in three months by selling 34,000 iPhones an hour around the clock from October to December.

But analysts are asking about the future of this successful firm. Firstly it is being asked whether they have reached their peak.

The big challenge now, says the vice-president of research for CCS Insight, Geoff Blaber, is to find the next growth opportunity.

“Western Europe and north America are becoming saturated. To have room for growth, Apple has to rely on taking growth from [Google’s] Android operating system based devices,” he said. “The big, focus is on China and to a lesser extent India.”

Another question being asked by the NZ Herald is whether there are many people left who want an iPhone. The latest iPhone sales were worth more than Microsoft and Google’s latest quarterly sales combined.

Only time will tell whether Apple has reached it’s ripest peak.

Wellington House Factory Open for Business

New Zealand’s first ever house building factory has opened it’s doors in Wellington. The factory is aiming to produce 500 prefab homes annually.

Trade HQ wrote, “Sean Murrie, Matrix Homes chief executive and director, said “People are building components of houses, then assembling them on the site. But the whole thing here is we’re turning fully finished houses with code compliance certificates.”

While this is a big leap forward as far as construction goes, it’s been speculated whether the market will be as big. Grant Florence, chief executive of Certified Builders is concerned that demand will not meet up. “They have to overcome some consumer negatives around the prefab concept because people relate it to cheap and they relate it to prefabs at schools,” he said.”


Air Conditioning Units in Hot Demand

Rising hot temperatures have unsurprisingly caused air conditioning units to rise in demand too. Marlborough air conditioning businesses have reported an upturn in trade. This trade is heavily reliant on whether Daniel Corbett predicts temperatures of 24° or 30°.

Martella Refrigeration and Air Conditioning general manager Linda Cosgrove said this trend is always seasonal. “We certainly see at this time of year there’s a lot of people looking at getting air conditioning installed.” However she claimed demand has increased compared to this time last year.

It’s not just the heat pump sellers who face an influx of demand. Air conditioning repair businesses also need to prepare for peaked demand. A broke air conditioning system is more noticeable especially when opening windows doesn’t cut it.

If you aren’t in Marlborough but still want to stay cool, get  Tauranga, Waikato or Auckland heat pumps from Goldstar heat pumps.

Pack & Send Went Global Before Going Local

Before Pack & Send could reach full local market penetration, it needed to go global. Global in deliveries that is! Pack & Send’s business model is based on packing and sending items which that are fragile, awkward, or valuable to any address in the world.

Want to send a heirloom ring to Tainjin China? Pack & Send can cover it. How about Bali bound baseballs? Pack & Send will throw them that far. How about elephant tusks to South Africa? Pack & Send will alert local authorities and most likely not deliver that. But you get the gist of it – Pack & Send makes deliveries.

Currently managing director Matthew Everest has a large painting, a record turntable and a very large backpack in his Blenheim road packing store. He told, “If you would ring up any courier company and say this is what I’ve got, they would say, no, no and probably too big.”

There is definitely demand. Everest says millions of goods are bought and sold on TradeMe each year. And that’s just TradeMe! Imagine the goods being shipped around worldwide.