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SkyCity Hotel Aiming For Sky High Profits

SkyCity has caused a controversy by aiming to build a five-star hotel in the middle of Auckland. The hotel is projected to earn $20 million in additional revenues from visitors to the controversial New Zealand International Convention Centre.

However not everyone is on board with SkyCity. The Green Party has called for the New Zealand International Convention Centre (NZICC) deal to be re-evaluated. Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei said, “On one hand SkyCity put their hand out begging for more money from the public, and on the other they are also millions and millions of dollars better off than the public knew about.”

But Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce said yesterday any benefits to SkyCity from the new hotel would be properly weighed and accounted for after preliminary design plans were submitted.

SkyCity has given a total cost for the 300 room hotel at $130 million.

Air Conditioning Units in Hot Demand

Rising hot temperatures have unsurprisingly caused air conditioning units to rise in demand too. Marlborough air conditioning businesses have reported an upturn in trade. This trade is heavily reliant on whether Daniel Corbett predicts temperatures of 24° or 30°.

Martella Refrigeration and Air Conditioning general manager Linda Cosgrove said this trend is always seasonal. “We certainly see at this time of year there’s a lot of people looking at getting air conditioning installed.” However she claimed demand has increased compared to this time last year.

It’s not just the heat pump sellers who face an influx of demand. Air conditioning repair businesses also need to prepare for peaked demand. A broke air conditioning system is more noticeable especially when opening windows doesn’t cut it.

If you aren’t in Marlborough but still want to stay cool, get  Tauranga, Waikato or Auckland heat pumps from Goldstar heat pumps.

Pack & Send Went Global Before Going Local

Before Pack & Send could reach full local market penetration, it needed to go global. Global in deliveries that is! Pack & Send’s business model is based on packing and sending items which that are fragile, awkward, or valuable to any address in the world.

Want to send a heirloom ring to Tainjin China? Pack & Send can cover it. How about Bali bound baseballs? Pack & Send will throw them that far. How about elephant tusks to South Africa? Pack & Send will alert local authorities and most likely not deliver that. But you get the gist of it – Pack & Send makes deliveries.

Currently managing director Matthew Everest has a large painting, a record turntable and a very large backpack in his Blenheim road packing store. He told Stuff.co.nz, “If you would ring up any courier company and say this is what I’ve got, they would say, no, no and probably too big.”

There is definitely demand. Everest says millions of goods are bought and sold on TradeMe each year. And that’s just TradeMe! Imagine the goods being shipped around worldwide.


Gattung Savours Latest Business Success

Business whizz and foodie Theresa Gattung has managed to combine her two passions into one delicacy of a business. And it’s all mixed together perfectly to form one very successful business. Gattung chairs My Food Bag, a business dedicated to delivering ingredients and recipes approved by Nadia Lim.

Gattung puts every moment of her time to good use. When she’s not heading the succesful business witha  turnover of $30 million, she’s an award winning philanthropist. Last year the company tapped into the Australian market and plans to continue doing so in the foreseeable future.