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SkyCity Hotel Aiming For Sky High Profits

SkyCity has caused a controversy by aiming to build a five-star hotel in the middle of Auckland. The hotel is projected to earn $20 million in additional revenues from visitors to the controversial New Zealand International Convention Centre.

However not everyone is on board with SkyCity. The Green Party has called for the New Zealand International Convention Centre (NZICC) deal to be re-evaluated. Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei said, “On one hand SkyCity put their hand out begging for more money from the public, and on the other they are also millions and millions of dollars better off than the public knew about.”

But Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce said yesterday any benefits to SkyCity from the new hotel would be properly weighed and accounted for after preliminary design plans were submitted.

SkyCity has given a total cost for the 300 room hotel at $130 million.

Meringue Queen Says Let Them Eat Cake

Self proclaimed meringue master Stacey O’Gorman supplies meringues all the way across the world to London. However at her wedding celebration she insists her loyal subjects (read: wedding guests) will just need to eat cake.

O’Gorman’s company Meringue Girls doesn’t create puffy delicacies for just anybody. Upmarket stores Selfridges, Fortnum and Mason, Harvey Nichols and Jamie Oliver’s Recipease all get to supply and enjoy such posh pleasures as lemongrass and ginger, pistachio and rosewater, honey and salsa peanut, and watermelon meringues.

Unfortunately O’Gorman is all puffed out. She told Stuff, “thought of whipping up a batch for her big day “is all too stressful, really – so my wedding is going to be cake-ified”. After making up to 10,000 meringues a week, it’s easy to see why she wouldn’t want them staining her big day!

Meringue Girls follows a “quality over quantity” model that has seen it embraced by top food stores and the London in-crowd. Its soft-hued meringues are sought after for society weddings and press and fashion PR events. The best seller is a vintage wooden apple crate of 170 rainbow meringue kisses in 11 flavours, which costs £140 (NZ$270).




Great Achievements By Businesses in 2014

This year has been a year of great achievements. With a combination of a recovering economy, improved technology and innovation and a can-do attitude, local businesses have done well. Here are a few of our top successes in 2014:

Guest Nights Rise to a New Height 

Because of Queenstown’s booming tourism, New Zealand guest nights have risen to new heights in October. Guests have been both locals and eager tourists. Kiwis in particular have been eager to explore our land. Great for our hospitality businesses!

Urban Homes Sweeped Up Seven Awards

The Hamilton master builders proved they don’t just have brawns – they have brains! At the Annual Awards Gala, they won gold in the categories new homes $600,000 – $1 million, Gib show home and builders own home. They won the categories for Gib Show home and Builders own home and won two lifestyle awards – Bathroom excellence and the Interior Style and Finish award.

A Big Save Expanded Immensely 

A Rotorua Big Save got so big that it couldn’t fit it’s old premises. In fact, it needed to take up a whole block just to fit it’s expansion! More people needed to be employed to both build the new building and work in the bigger building.

Heat Pump Specialist Claims Special Title

Goldstar Heat Pumps claimed a pretty big title: the #1 Fujitsu Heat Pump Distributor in the Waikato. Considering Fujitsu is New Zealand’s favourite air, this is a very impressive title. They also sell and install heat pumps in Auckland and Tauranga.

3D Brain Company Succeeds Internationally 

Nothing like good Kiwi ingenuity! Scientifically minded creatives decided to begin selling 3D printer replicas of actual brains. Little did they know the rest of the world would take interest.

Goldstar Heat Pumps Expands in Tauranga

Yet another success for Goldstar Heat Pumps! The installer of Hamilton and Auckland heat pumps decided to set their sights bay-ward. Tauranga was a market they thought of once things got quiet, and have been excited to expand that way.

So altogether it’s been an incredibly successful year for New Zealand businesses. Let’s hope this new year goes just as well.

Rotorua Big Save Furniture Gets Even Bigger

Rotorua’s very own Big Save Furniture has expanded so much that it cannot be contained in it’s old building anymore! According to Trade HQ,

Big Save Furniture has been facing growth unable to be contained by their smaller premisis, according to managing director Tom McKimm. “It will be a much better environment and look a lot more professional,” he told the Rotorua Daily Post.

The expansion also means a better customer experience. The bigger floor area of the new shop improves the shopping experience by allowing better product displays and a larger product range.

A host of flats and a professional consultancy had to move over to make room for the expansion. Big Save Furniture isn’t just expanding in premises. The furniture giant is also looking to hire two more staff members following expansion.

This expansion serves as an excellent example of the growth opportunities expected under the proposed Rotorua District plan.

Goldstar Heat Pumps Expands in Tauranga

Tauranga is now being offered New Zealand’s favourite air as Goldstar Heat Pumps expands to their region. The number one distributor and installer of Fujitsu – New Zealand’s favourite air has committed to help Tauranga residents cope with Summer weather.

Tauranga is known for having an inconsistent climate throughout the year with large spikes in differences between minimum and maximum temperatures.


By expanding to Tauranga, Goldstar Heat Pumps hopes to combat those temperature ranges. They have been considering expanding into Tauranga for a while now, only to be overwhelmed by demand from their current regions.

Goldstar Heat Pumps supplies and installs Mitsubishi and Fujitsu heat pumps in Auckland and the Waikato. Recently they won an award for being the number one heat Fujitsu heat pump dealer in Hamilton! Considering Fujitsu heat pumps are New Zealand’s favourite air, this is no small feat.

For now Goldstar Heat Pumps is only servicing Tauranga and Mount Maunganui rather than the wider Bay of Plenty region. Their Tauranga sales number is (07) 579 5294.


Very Kiwi bookshop in the heart of Hong Kong

The heart of one of Hong Kong’s main shopping districts is not a place you would assume would have a demand for kiwi books. Surprisingly there is an ample market there!

Garry Colely discovered while in Hong Kong that there was a lack of English-language education resources. Since he and his wife loved the city, they didn’t hesitate in filling that gap.

Demand was initially from schools needing the resources for primary children. Once Kiwik International opened a physical store, Kiwi and Australian teachers would visit because it reminded them of home. When Kiwis and Australians were sent to teach in schools, this allowed Kiwik International to break into mainstream schools.

However now Colely is selling up and moving back home. He told Stuff.co.nz he will miss the energy of Hong Kong – “there would be more people walk past my building here in an afternoon than walk up Queen Street in a month” – but sees moving back to New Zealand as “one door closing and another about to open”.

“I’ve never been the sort of guy that sits and lets the grass grow around my feet.”


Building a Great Kiwi Brand in Australia

The answer to building a great kiwi brand in Australia may surprise you. Kiwi’s and Aussie’s are supposedly sworn enemies – well at least on the field! Many New Zealand businesses jump to ditch to get a share of Australia’s large market.

According to Stuff business writer Bella Katz, Australian businesses make a lot of noise but are slow to react to competition. She recommends New Zealander’s use this to their advantage. But Katz’s final conclusion about Aussie success is more surprising.

Imagine how well New Zealand companies can do here in combination with the right locals? A meeting of minds, if you will. The Aussie ruthlessness matched with the Kiwi perseverance. It’s a beauty.

With that professional cooperation in mind, last month I interviewed twelve Australian and Australia-based CEOs of New Zealand companies and asked them what it was like to work for Kiwi brands over here. I wanted to know if there was a magic formula to building a great Kiwi brand in Australia.

What came out clearly from those interviews, and from previous conversations I’ve had on the topic, is that New Zealand businesses thrive in Australia with great locals on board. Even more so when the cords are not cut – but handed over.

Information sourced from Stuff.co.nz.