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Goldstar Heat Pumps Expands in Tauranga

Tauranga is now being offered New Zealand’s favourite air as Goldstar Heat Pumps expands to their region. The number one distributor and installer of Fujitsu – New Zealand’s favourite air has committed to help Tauranga residents cope with Summer weather.

Tauranga is known for having an inconsistent climate throughout the year with large spikes in differences between minimum and maximum temperatures.


By expanding to Tauranga, Goldstar Heat Pumps hopes to combat those temperature ranges. They have been considering expanding into Tauranga for a while now, only to be overwhelmed by demand from their current regions.

Goldstar Heat Pumps supplies and installs Mitsubishi and Fujitsu heat pumps in Auckland and the Waikato. Recently they won an award for being the number one heat Fujitsu heat pump dealer in Hamilton! Considering Fujitsu heat pumps are New Zealand’s favourite air, this is no small feat.

For now Goldstar Heat Pumps is only servicing Tauranga and Mount Maunganui rather than the wider Bay of Plenty region. Their Tauranga sales number is (07) 579 5294.


Local Heat Pump Specialist Claims Big Title

A local heat pump installer has won an impressive title; distributors of New Zealand’s favourite air! Goldstar Heat Pumps have been deemed the #1 Fujitsu Heat Pump Dealer in Hamilton!

But Goldstar Heat pumps don’t only deliver to Hamilton. They also install heat pumps in Auckland and Tauranga.


Goldstar Heat Pumps also offer Mitsubishi heat pumps. When small and medium sized businesses offer products from recognised brands, it improves their own brand’s standing.

Goldstar Specials for Home Shows

Coming soon to Hamilton is the Home and Garden Show, an event which showcases the latest products and trends for home owners. This event is no small feat to Hamilton as it attracts over 30,000 visitors annually!

However to most people, the sound of 30,000 visitors sectioned out over four days is a little daunting – with all the queues, noise and crowds. Many people who already keep their finger on the pulse of renovation trends may only want to go to the shows for the incredible deals offered.

Goldstar Heat Pumps have launched new specials on heat pumps linked in with the Home Shows in Auckland and Hamilton. These specials are still available online so if you only want to attend the Home shows for the deals, you cane save time and order online. Some prices have been cut by $950. All prcies include both GST and installation. However these specials are only available while stocks last so it’s recommended you don’t wait too long!

These specials are available for those looking for heat pumps in Hamilton, Auckland, Tauranga and the Waikato.