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Heat Pump Specialist Pumping Out Awards

A local heat pump specialist has pumped out another big award. Goldstar heat pumps, installers of heat pumps in Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga was previously named Waikato’s number one Fujitsu dealer. And now they’ve accepted an even bigger title: number one Fujitsu dealer in New Zealand.

This is no small feat for the expanding company. Fujitsu is New Zealand’s favourite air afterall. So this means Goldstar Heat Pumps is the biggest dealer of New Zealand’s favourite air – not a small feat.

What’s next for Goldstar you may be wondering? If they follow this trend then probably world domination.

Watch this space: Christchurch’s Future Cash Cow

A Christchurch City-Council owned company is showing great potential as a future cash cow. Enable Services is an ambitious company building a fiber optic broadband network in Christchurch in partnership with the Crown.

Steve Fuller runs the company and is no stranger to fiber optics. Fuller has been working with telecommunications for 31 years at Spark. He started the company from scratch in 2007 with very few staff. These staff managed the building of a 350 kilometer network providing fast internet connections for local businesses, the heath sector and schools.

The Council are not the only ones seeing potential in Fuller’s work. Christchurch City Holdings will contribute¬†between $300 million to $440 million worth of debt and equity.

This project is not just for financial gain. At a presentation it was stated, “”Our city will be transformed – ultrafast broadband is a key enabler to transform economic and social development.”

Stuff.co.nz summarised the Council’s estimates for pay-off:

  • $1.7 billion in dividends from Enable in 50 years if the council owns just over half of the company.
  • $2.5b of dividends if the council owns 100 per cent.
  • 48 per cent of households connected by 10 years.
  • 74 per cent connected by 20 years.
  • Enable’s revenue should reach $200m a year in year 40, the year to June 2051.

For further information, read the whole article here.